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Starting this new with a bang- Ah yes! The wedding of your best friend, the wedding of your best friend the most powerful man in King's Fall, Fergus' wedding, Fergus' wedding to Celeste. The wedding of your best friend to your sister, Fergus' Wedding. 😂 😂

I am looking for poly, kinky romance recs please, preferably open poly relationships, or a poly knot. And centring polycules, or their extended poly family please!

And yes, I have read everything that Xan West/Corey Alexander ever wrote. May their memory be a blessing. 💞💞

I had to go to London for work today (as that’s where my office is) and I’m really grumpy as a result. I hate commuting and don’t know how I did it every day before the pandemic. I much prefer working from home.

I’m strong, capable, super organised and the rock on which my family leans. I take care of the doctor’s appointments, dentist appointments, school trips, lunch money, holiday plans, Christmas presents, stocking stuffers, clothing for the kids, emotional support, convention registration & merchandise production for my oldest son, and I’m the breadwinner of the family.

And sometimes all I want is to be taken care of, to be spoiled, and not to have to worry about a thing.

Ancient, over 50, #nudist #naturist who is a bit of an #exhibitionist and #voyeur. As a lifelong #smoothie I love the look and feel of my smooth cock and balls, and the look of taste of a hairless mons.

I enjoy a slow #wank in the morning before starting my day and love the thought of all the sexy people on here reading stuff on their phones and getting off on it.

Another week until I’m going on my writing retreat. Sadly it’s only Monday to Friday, but that’s still 3 solid days of writing and editing without interruption from work, husband, kids and pets. Also 4 nights to myself, so you know my suitcase will be 50% clothes and 50% sex toys. Can’t wait!

Just a couple of days left to sign up for my Patreon and guarantee you'll get a Christmas card from me! Chuck me a few quid, help me make more awesome #AudioPorn, and I'll send you one of these beautiful cards to say thanks.

I also write on Medium and Literotica (both as @RomanticIsa) if you prefer to read shorter stories.


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I was going to write today, but I'm so tired… Doesn't help that I had a glass of wine with lunch...

It's #SmallBusinessSaturday! You know what counts as a small business? Most published writers. Yep. That means today is a GREAT day to buy something created by an author. Their book, their merch, their other art....

Heck, contribute to their Patreon/similar patron fundage.

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Dog injury (minor) 

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Dog injury (minor) 

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