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After shower pic of my wife’s wet pussy 

Shared with her permission of course.

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I know superhero stories are often far from progressive, but comics should really be showing heroes standing up to violent cops on a regular basis.

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Used to laugh at the way they advertised vibrators… er, massagers back in the day. Until l got an email from my drug store chain… #sextoys #funnyads #NowAndThen

I write smut and I think I spend less time describing boobs and their movements than guys writing supposedly high minded literary fiction.

NSFW erotica ad featuring my wife 

I’m lucky to have a wife so willing to lend a hand.

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AI book narration won’t replace human narrators because a program might be able pronounce “croissant” the french way… for a book written in english, but it also might choose the wrong pronunciation for homonyms like “read” and “lives” and add the wrong inflection/tone to certain phrases

#AI #opinion

Review of erotica 

My first review is in on my nerd love book. Super happy about that last bit.

Stock photo sites just don't have what I need. (What I need being a picture of a plus-size woman looking like she's about to get railed by three guys.)

I have so many systems and spreadsheets that make me look organized but it just controlling the chaos. And it’s not always successful.

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After the holiday blitz and everyone getting the flu, I’m finally getting back to plotting out my days. Red is family stuff. (I have Thing 2 until at least 11.) Green is ghostwriting. (I have a project due Thursday.) Orange is house hold stuff. (I desperately need to fold laundry.) Blue is lunch because if I don’t block it off I’ll literally forget to eat. Purple is for my writing projects.

This might look like being a super organized person. But it’s how I have to wrestle my ADHD brain.

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Andy's doesn't expect his crush on his roommate Leah to go anywhere — until she suggests they solve their laundry problems by making the apartment a no-clothes zone.

A red-hot slow-burn friends-to-lovers story about exhibitionism & enthusiastic consent. 🔥💞

Lockdown and Dirty by @Smutty_Guy is now an award-winning audiobook narrated by Adara Astin. Also available in ebook.

Get it today!

The ghostwriting gig has me writing a lot of alphaholes and I'm so done with emotionally stunted assholes. I'll get my words in today and return to writing damaged cinnamon rolls.

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A question for Romance & Erotica fans!

How you define "age gap," "forbidden love", and "forbidden romance"? How do you distinguish between them as literary terms? (And in the context of which genre?)

I would really appreciate your answers. 💋

@bookstodon @romancelandia @smutstodon

One of the plus sides of writing a polyamorous story is the ability to be broadly body positive without pitting fat and skinny women against each other.

Writing related question:

Women who are attracted to women, what physical features do you most appreciate?

I’m writing a side character who is sketching some folks and trying to figure out what details she might focus on the would clue in a POV character or the reader that the artist was attracted to the subject. I know everyone is different, just looking for ideas.

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It's weird, as a librarian, to have to have conversations with yourself about how far you would go. Would I be willing to go to jail for 30 days because I did the right thing and refused to take LGBTQ books off the shelves? Could my family afford me not working for 30 days for doing the right thing? Would I still have a job afterward? Would I be able to maintain my clearances to work with children if I had been to jail for 30 days for not removing allegedly sexually explicit books from shelves?

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For folks being conscientious about COVID-19 or who otherwise consider themselves allies to the disabled and vulnerable:

When you post pictures of yourself on social media *please make sure you're wearing a mask*, particularly if you're in public with others.

This is one of the easiest ways to normalize mask-wearing and show your support for the people in your life who've had to make a shit-ton of sacrifices to survive over the last few years.

Do your part! Thanks much!

#COVID19 #MaskUp

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One of the audiobooks I've narrated is about a French businesswoman who leaves her unappreciative boyfriend at home in Paris to go on a business trip to New York City, where she winds up having wild erotic adventures.

The feedback on her French accent (from men who like French accents) has been... extremely positive. 💋

You can listen to a short sample or get the full audiobook here:

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