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Bonus! All of my audiobooks are on Audible so they are *all* eligible for the Audible rewards programs!

You can find my audiobooks here:

Happy listening!


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Yet again, the crowds cry out for a size review. To which there can be but one answer! Check out this review of 巨大女1 "Giant Woman 1" by Gallop
It's what the people want

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The USPS is sending out free COVID tests again. Get some and be ready for this winter.

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"To be interesting, you must be interested." - #SeanMaguire

I take that to mean to be interesting to others, you must be interested in others.

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This is actually a really big deal — you can now follow hashtags in the fediverse! This was the purpose of hashtags! To be used across platform — and to defeat social media silos!


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