This might be on my next to do list. I definitely can write this. Witch in danger. Hot shifter bodyguard. And I think my stories are plot more than smut.

The plot of this one is a Princess is forced into an arranged marriage to a vile prince. She runs away/switches places with her servant. While exploring the outer lands of her country, she finds democracy/usurping the royals plan and decides to pull a treaty to get them to stop the prince from getting the throne. All while pretending to be a peasant, finding a 5 year old and someone is using magic to unalive her when she sleeps. And a romance with another guy.

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Y’all I just bought cover art for one of my vellas which will be turned into a book. Although still not sure if the title works (Don’t go to sleep). It never had a working title when I wrote it.

It's not perfect but it was the only one left that could work with my current stories. It's a full wrap too!

I started writing this yesterday. Not sure how many episodes it will be. I am still setting the scene right now.

So far I have a dragon shifter finds his mate at a party. After some fun, he loses her. Then family drama and coincidences, they find each other again. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ It’s supposed to be a short. We are already at 2k words.

What creatures are classified as monsters? What is a paranormal romance versus monster romance?

Are vampires really monsters or do I not even consider them as monster because I was team vampire even before twilight? 😂

I spent the last few hours actually looking into wix free which I signed up for months ago. It does have simple newsletter capabilities. It's not perfect but at least I have a little something started. I don't really have things to offer inside the newsletter yet. Also been trying to add all my author socials to my link tree.

Now I may go crank out a small holiday short if I can think of a plot for it.

I keep seeing advice like get a newsletter, make fb group, etc.

how do I even get people to follow me on those things? FB group/discord has zero folks. I don't know if I have any organic readers. Who wants to join a newsletter when I don't have anything to offer yet? 🤣

I am just living my best life posting all the announcements on my various social medias as if I have an actual following.

Also still thinking about writing that holiday short. 🤨

FYI, if you are following The Alpha's Demon, you are not forgotten! Maybe I should make it a goal to finish it soon?

I started November writing my first high steam monster romance. I was doing well on nanowrimo till flu hit. I will be spending the next week trying to catch up on all the works that need to be edited/posted/write a bit more.

If you are a big fan of Ruby, Ruby will get a HEA and she won't have to choose!

Obviously I am not winning this year. I am allowing myself to think of new ideas.

Here is a thought. I don't have holiday stories on my vellas. I was thinking of writing a Halloween in December sort of holiday party and the woman meets some sort of Supernatural. Not sure what kind though. I have no thoughts on plot other than some sort of HFN. 🤷🤷🤷

I am almost better from the flu. Imposter syndrome settled in my brain during fever chills and am like wow this sucks, I should give up. I know I cannot win at this point. Maybe it would be easier if I had a plot other than HEA in the end

Before this I was thinking of querying this to someone that I saw was looking for a monster romance under 75k.

I got a new review on for my story. I have been writing it over two years because pregnancy slowed me down.

I am also very upset with how they have treated Ruby. But she will get her own HEA with a mmmff! Because there is not enough ff in why choose. Or I don't know where to find them.

A little introduction about myself.

I'm Shannon. I am a sahm to four kids and my life is pure chaos. I am a lonely introvert which is why I am on social media a lot.

I like to hula hoop, write, read, and various crafts. I also review books sometimes. I am posting my stories on Kindle vella, Inkitt and Wattpad.
Here are my links

I write fantasy, sci fi, paranormal and sometimes contemporary romance. I love Star Trek and Dr. Who.

For the monster fans...

I have these screenshots for a tt I made but I wanted to share. I sit in the same room as someone seriously watching wrestling. WWE doesn't have monsters but AEW does (they also come out in a stargate like thing which makes me giggle). But dang, Luchasaurous.🥵🥵🥵

Also watching wrestling is intriguing when you size up the men and to everyone else. It's something. 👀 Like dang, he is Vektal size.

I also like to peg which wrestler belongs on what genre of romance book.


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