One of the few times I’m not a Sub is when I’m making my Soulmate take a damn compliment!

Weird crank on Netflix: archeologists conspire to ignore or hide evidence of an advanced ancient civilization destroyed in an #ancientapocalypse

Actual archeologist: I painstakingly counted individual grains of pollen in the nasal cavity of this ancient skeleton to identify the last flower this person sniffed because I’m desperate to reconstruct past societies from whatever scraps of evidence are available to us

Big rumblings in the expansion of the #Fediverse have been happening recently.

#Tumblr has already promised to implement #ActivityPub (the protocol Mastodon uses), which will mean you can follow Tumblr accounts from here and vice versa. And today we a learning that #Flickr is also considering it!

This will be a massive expansion, which obviously carries some uncertainties, but I, for one, welcome our new federation partners.

This is the way the internet is supposed to work.

Do you need to move to a new Mastodon server?

I have written a step-by-step guide on moving your account while keeping your followers and follows.

Thankful today for the Naughty Novelists, my smutty writing community on Discord!

If you are an open-minded or looking for a fun, inclusive, kink-safe space, come introduce yourself and share your (& whips)!🌹

A few recommendations for life on Mastodon:

1) Follow anyone you think looks potentially interesting; you can always unfollow later, and they may lead you to new people via boosted posts.

2) Boost posts you think are worthy, so others can discover new content.

3) Don't obsess on replicating your Twitter follows on Mastodon; let it be its own experience, and grow it organically. Obvs follow anyone you miss from Twitter, but this isn't a 1:1 replacement; have fun, follow your instincts.

I’ve just made a Discord server for and called Naughty Novelists.

All of steamy romance sub genres and kinks are welcome in this safe space!

Come join us for connection, writing/publishing advice, word sprints, shameless self promo, and more!

@WhereNsMeet @RubyJones @qblueheart There is the advanced web interface that is kinda like Tweetdeckt as well as third party clients. I'm using @TheDesk to schedule toots because I can't do that in the web version.

@qblueheart @WhereNsMeet Debirdify can help you migrate followers from Twitter. Mastadon should migrate any followers you currently have if you move servers.

For our new users who are coming in from the bird app. Here is a very useful infographic on how the toots work and who can see and interact with your content

PS If you have friends who are looking for a home on Mastodon, @monster_mistress has done a fantastic job of creating a warm, supportive, well-run & well-moderated community of erotica writers, reviewers, fan artists & fans at

If you know someone who would enjoy it here, please send them our way. 💋

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My Mastodon home is, a space for members of the adult content-driven literary arts community. including erotic romance and literary erotica.

Let's dig into those terms!

(Hmm. This doesn't quite want to fit in one post, so it looks like I'm doing a thread.)

Questions for you to follow...

Please boost this for greater reach. I'm curious about your answers!

The collapse of Twitter for (basically) self-inflicted reasons makes a strong case for building online infrastructure structured as a non-profit or public utility.

People rely on these platforms for public information, use them for democratic debate and many invest their livelihoods in them.

These platforms are too important to public safety, peoples’ livelihoods and democracy to leave in the hands of eccentric billionaires or the whims of stock markets.

PLEASE BOOST: Right now Mastodon is only receiving appr. $21,000/month through Patreon.

This is not enough to handle the 1 million new accounts that will be made this week.

Currently, only 4,720 patrons are donating to Mastodon.

However, if everyone chips in $2/month, this will ensure the continued survival of Mastodon!

Be a hero! Donate now!

You know what's really sexy?

Someone who knows how to have a conversation, who neither monopolizes the discussion nor makes you do all the work to keep it going.

Conversation skills are HOT. 💋

It’s always “Sunflowers this, Starry Night that,” and no one ever mentions Van Gogh’s erotic sketches or this glorious smoking skeleton he painted in 1885 (“Skull of a Skeleton with Burning Cigarette”)

It’s perfect. I love it

#histodons @histodons #art #arthistory #19thcentury #gothic


:artcapy2: .art is not just for traditional 'art' - it's for anything creative. Music, dance, photography, VFX, performing arts, clowns, game dev, sculpting, fiber/yarn art, metalwork - all of it.

:artpeek: You don't *just* have to post and talk about your creative work here. We follow people, not brands. Be your full self. You can 'off-topic' as much as you want. :bear_hugs:

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Welcome to the Smutlandia community! This space is for members of the adult content-driven literary arts community. This includes but is not limited to: erotic romance literary erotica fanart of said genres reviews of said genres The goals of our community are to: provide resources and support for our members’ expressive goals promote the adult content-driven literary arts community.