... The next person to argue that Ebooks And Audio Aren't Real Books gets to explain to the whole class why they think blind and other disabled people are fake readers/not experiencing a book the Right Way. 🙃

And I get to hand out tomatoes. 😇

Ok #mastodon, let’s show our true colors.

Reblog this if you’re a champion of the Oxford comma.

We’re officially friends.

I've been photographing the night sky with my Pixel 6 Pro trying to find an eerie space where the ground and the sky meet...
Here are a few from last night.

Like many, I'm a Mastodon migrating away from the oncoming Twasteroid. As such, I feel I must lay down my 'lines that cannot be crossed'.

• 'Alot' is not a word - ever!
• The correct term is 'couldn't care less'.
• It's 'specific', not 'pacific'.
• 'Normalcy' is not a proper word.
• I don't mind if you do or don't use the Oxford comma. You're welcome to omit it, & be wrong!
• Self-Publishing IS Publishing (Google 'famous self-publishers', before you post & look stupid).
There may be more!

I hear new people noting how chill, tolerant, and pleasant Mastodon is.

Mastodon isn’t chill or tolerant or pleasant. It’s a tool… a foundation on which to create and maintain a culture.

It’s those who’ve been on Mastodon, run servers, and served as admins who did the hard work and created the culture you now enjoy.

Now, it’s your turn. The only way it stays tolerant and chill is by us doing the work to keep it that way.

A good example of, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Over on the old site, some of us used to celebrate with a related story.
Since we're mostly new to each other over here I thought I'd share an old link to one of mine.
See what you think.


I’m still composing a proper introduction, so atm I just wanna say a big thank you to everyone who follows me 🖤

If came here from “another platform”, you may know me as the founder of #swampsunday and a former co-host of #ofdarkandmacabre & #faustianfriday

But if we haven’t met before, then hey! Hello, new friend! I’m Natalja and I write about #folkhorror
Hope, you will enjoy my posts!

I had a rather fabulous weekend. It started with the very talented Florence and included an art show in Wimbledon with a truly eclectic range of artists. I do enjoy our weekends in the city.

More migrations from twitter. Hello. We are all still figuring things out but it’s great that we can stay in touch. If we have folks in common let’s keep trying to recommend them to each other.

An Incredible Day In Internet History

It started with the Twitter lockout. 10,000 new users per hour. A QUARTER MILLION people migrated to Mastodon in one day. The servers struggled. Remarkably, admins all over the world built up capacity in real time. New users were patient. The system held.

It's running better now. There will be more hard days ahead, but people powered social media has arrived.

#twittermigration #NewUsers #Welcome

Quick introduction.
I've been using twitter for the last 10 years and, for the most part, have loved it. I've met amazing people and interacted with so many it felt like home.

The pace of my writing is best described as erratic but I do like to write smut from time to time.

Oh, and I may share the odd picture from time to time.

Continuing the exodus from twitter I have now moved server over here.

Hello everyone :)


Welcome to the Smutlandia community! This space is for members of the adult content-driven literary arts community. This includes but is not limited to: erotic romance literary erotica fanart of said genres reviews of said genres The goals of our community are to: provide resources and support for our members’ expressive goals promote the adult content-driven literary arts community.