About 10 more people joined this month! I’m going to be interested what this activity is doing for the server by the monthly numbers 🤔 I like the idea of radical transparency in the boring bits of running a Mastodon server. If nothing else, transparency is a generally good practice.

Welcome to the five folks who joined us overnight! And also welcome to all of you who have been trickling in. Let’s have some fun, shall we?

Hello new people! 👋

If you need help getting started on here, have a look at:

➡️ fedi.tips

It's written in non-technical language, it's a beginner's guide.

If you can't find the answers you want on the site, @ me or message me.

PS If you have friends who are looking for a home on Mastodon, @monster_mistress has done a fantastic job of creating a warm, supportive, well-run & well-moderated community of erotica writers, reviewers, fan artists & fans at smutlandia.com.

If you know someone who would enjoy it here, please send them our way. 💋


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I understand that Mastodon says “no advertising”. As someone who used to do digital advertising work, artist and author self-promotion is not the same as Pepsi buying up newsfeed space to push product images into your subconscious. If you’re on Smutlandia, I assume you want to talk about and promote your work. That is a good thing.

Mastodon wishlist grows…I want continued support of the Digital Ocean Mastodon Droplet (made Smutlandia possible). I want more experiments on aggregating server activity. What else? Fan art. Geesh, I want some artists promoting themselves on Smutlandia.

For my part, I've always seen them as something at the discretion of the author. As the reader, you have a plethora of tools to disengage from unwanted content on Mastodon—with even better filters coming in 4.0—and harassment is not one of them. People who are arriving now have as much right to be here and bring their own culture as the ones who came before them.

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I'm aware of the #bookstodon hashtag. How else are folks finding conversations here about books and #bookselling, #writing, and #publishing? What about #libraries? Suggestions (servers, groups, hashtags) welcome!

Hey there everyone! 👋

Please have a look at my website because it will probably answer a lot of your questions about how to use Mastodon and the Fediverse:

➡️ fedi.tips

If you're recommending me as a follow to others, it would be great if you could mention the site too so that new people get help straight away.

I am getting repeating questions that are already answered on the website, so it would help a LOT if you could tell new people about the site as well as my account! 😅

For those looking for understanding of Mastodon and the “Fediverse”, fedi.tips is one of my favorite places. Very comprehensive.

I say as someone whose day job is in the tech space but whose heart job is being a member of Smutlandia, toot.thoughtworks.com/@mfowler writes good stuff for tech thoughts.

One of the most frustrating parts about Mastodon to me right now is organically finding folks on this and other servers. Something to figure out…🤔

Good morning, good people. While this American slept, six more people asked to join our little server community. Welcome, y’all!

Just followed a bunch of folks from romancelandia.club and it makes for a much more interesting Federated timeline. Easier to navigate all that via a desktop browser though. Mobile app has some, let's say...growth opportunities.

Well, well…apparently videos don’t show up still for mobile 🙃

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For those who are brand new, welcome! We're testing out a lot. Mastodon does some cool stuff. Makes creating alt text and content warnings for any toots pretty straightforward. Your feedback and questions can help me figure out ways to make this server useful and fun.

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Welcome to the Smutlandia community! This space is for members of the adult content-driven literary arts community. This includes but is not limited to: erotic romance literary erotica fanart of said genres reviews of said genres The goals of our community are to: provide resources and support for our members’ expressive goals promote the adult content-driven literary arts community.