Just followed a bunch of folks from and it makes for a much more interesting Federated timeline. Easier to navigate all that via a desktop browser though. Mobile app has some, let's say...growth opportunities.

@monster_mistress is there something special I need to do on the mobile app? I’m still figuring things out.

@AlexisOsborne right now, I encourage folks to mess around and see what works and especially what they think SHOULD work. Some stuff may be fixable on the server. Some solutions might be a change in how best to access Mastadon (I find the mobile apps to be somewhat variable in performance. Very early Twitter-like). Some stuff might take me taking issues to Mastodon’s principle devs and say “Yo! Fix this!”

@WhereNsMeet damn, that’s a good question. Because I want to follow them, too! (In fact, I do follow them). I haven’t found a smooth way to do this on the current iOS app. I find I have to be logged into Mastodon (using this server) via a browser (mobile, desktop, whatever) and then I visit and follow who I want so they show up in my feed.

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