One of the most frustrating parts about Mastodon to me right now is organically finding folks on this and other servers. Something to figure out…🤔

@monster_mistress Same! Wish you could set up interests and get suggestions to follow other folks with similar interests. Something to suggest to the developers.

@WhereNsMeet I think that is insightful. Especially because Mastodon is really a platform in the same sense as email or RSS. It can get really powerful through the use of aggregation.

@monster_mistress same! I searched a few hashtags last week but nothing pops out more than ten posts.

I know they say you can easily change servers but I don’t see how. So I made a new account just to be a part of this one. 🤷‍♀️

@Srgriffithauthor @monster_mistress I just did this! It turns out, you've already done the first step! If you want to transfer, go to your preferences, select Account, and under Moving from a different account select Create an account alias. Copy in your old account name into the field. Then go to your old account, and put your new account handle in under Move to a different account.

Warning: your followers will transfer, but your toots and profile info will not.

@Srgriffithauthor I’m seeking out some decent tools for searching for trends across Mastodon servers. We’re all dealing with the same protocols so one SHOULD be able to design software to do some sort of aggregation (just like one can aggregate email or RSS feeds). I’m working with an iOS centric environment so my perspective will be limited on android to just what others say.

@monster_mistress I feel like it behooves us all to boost our friends generously & use hashtags well, in order to more easily discover each other.

*I'm working on it.

I'm so happy I found you. I've seen a lot of talented writers on here already. People I wouldn't have discovered if it wasn't for this place.

Now, if I can figure out how to login on the app from my phone... I migrated from another account to here. Now, I can login on my desktop but not on my phone. Either way, I'm glad I have access and thank you for creating this space.

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