Like many, I'm a Mastodon migrating away from the oncoming Twasteroid. As such, I feel I must lay down my 'lines that cannot be crossed'.

• 'Alot' is not a word - ever!
• The correct term is 'couldn't care less'.
• It's 'specific', not 'pacific'.
• 'Normalcy' is not a proper word.
• I don't mind if you do or don't use the Oxford comma. You're welcome to omit it, & be wrong!
• Self-Publishing IS Publishing (Google 'famous self-publishers', before you post & look stupid).
There may be more!

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Just for clarification, this is a comedy list based on those tired tropes that so many people chose to repeatedly fight over on EVERY SINGLE writing-related group anywhere in the SM world. Apologies if that wasn't clear.

For those even more sensitive souls, please NEVER ask for my opinion about pineapple on pizza, whether smooth or crunchy peanut butter is best, or whether toilet paper goes over or under...

@tommarloweauthor please be careful. This can come across as ableist. Some of us learned words by reading and mispronounce them, and some of us had less than fluent parents read to us and we adopted their colloquialisms. Good grammar is good, but we shouldnt exclude ideas because they don't follow rules from a hundred years ago.


I'm with you all the way on Oxford commas. But let's get pacific semi-colons are better though. I use alot of them, even though my grammar checker is having a fit at the moment. Finally, I couldn't care less about your opinion about opinion on pineapple pizza, peanut butter, or toilet paper.

@NaraMoore NO WAY! A semi-colon's no kind of ANYTHING! They're not satisfying at all. Have you ever been satisfied by a semi... anything?

Would you be more interested on my opinion about peanut butter on toilet paper???


No, since I have nothing to do with either peanut butter or toilet paper.

As for semicolons you're missing out. You start with FULL colon and follow with several semicolons. ALOT of semicolons with long clauses. Short clauses are too easy. But if you must use commas, use them between semicolons. Your beta reader or editor will love you for it.

@NaraMoore But if you have a FULL COLON, you definitely need a LOT to do with toilet paper...

@NaraMoore HEHEHE! You may just be my new favourite (not actually a) dinosaur.🐘


Then we agree we should not discuss: oxford commas; the word “alot”; “couldn’t care less”; “specific” vs. “pacific”; normalcy; weather being self-published is being published (to be far I am self-published, so I have an opinion on this); or pineapple pizza, peanut butter, or toilet paper.

But we could fight about weather my semicolons belong inside or outside the quotation marks.

@NaraMoore Both are equally acceptable - I'll not fight you on that one - lol. But I will allot you more time to respond, while I slice up a pineapple...

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